I really want to have a group that are committed to intercession to post prayer requests to.

While we are ALL called to pray, we know that there are those that are especially anointed for this calling.

We honor this gift and call here.

I heard Canada has allowed euthinasia of children.

Yemen has a severe famine and needs the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers. Children are suffering severe malnutrition.

"May all the kings of the earth give thanks to You oh, Lord when they have heard the words of Your mouth. They will sing of the ways of Adonai for great is Your glory!" Psalm 138

We ask for legislative oppression to be removed. That Hamaans receive their wicked devises meant for Israel.

We open wide our mouths. Please fill us with good things! Open doors for the gospel to go forth.

May the heavens not be measured nor the depths of the earth searched out that Israel will always remain GOD's people.

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WHEN did we post this. Is this not a FAITHFUL HOUSE?

Do we not faithfully warn?

When YHWH sends HIS WORD, it is always to RESTORE what EVIL has done.

We have remained steadfast and PUBLICLY warned to fulfill all righteousness.

Few are listening because so many think themselves higher than they aught.

You, the Remnant, are given advance warning so that you will not be afraid but be wise.

We must pray for those who's FLIGHT is now in WINTER. This is a harsh judgment.

Now let us pray for those awakening and for the HOUSE which remains a habitation for the lost sheep of Israel in the nations. Remnant House remains to stand in faith together as a family.

Those who forsake the assembling of themselves as members of HIS BODY will find themselves alone ... in a time when being alone is death.

Let us pray that all fragments will be restored to their folds that they would have supernatural power and wisdom for the days ahead... for all who trust in the flesh shall be consumed.


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Hello Remnant, I would like to extend a prayer request. I ask that you keep Marta Morrison, and her daughter Natalia, lifted before the King. Marta is battling serious health conditions...including conditions recently found to be "incurable" compared to modern medicine. Also, from what has been explained to me, the insurance company is forcing the use of medicine that directly negatively affects her condition; all to keep from having to spend money for more conventional/effective treatment.

I would hate to use the phrase "more importantly"; so I'll say keep Natalia in very special prayer. She is going through a whirlwind of tribulation due to the situation. She is watching her mother steadily lose cognitive awareness; and as a result: losing faith in everything. Please pray for Kingdom light and breakthrough to manifest within their lives and family!

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Good evening Remnant, i hope this finds you all exponentially well. I have humble but hefty prayer request for those who will receive me.
First, please keep Benjamin Allred in your mighty prayers. He is my coworkers 6 month old son. He may soon have to undergo open heart surgery within the next couple of weeks, for heart complications he has been battling since birth.

Last, please pray for Aaron Brodt. The enemy has him under strong mental and physical bondage; and he needs his freedom.

Thank you family and stay in HIS eternal blessing. Shalom

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