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When there are events that fulfill Bible Prophecy, or prophetic warnings that are going to impact Society, we all need to see them.

Please make a habit of checking Prophetic Warnings from time to time for updates.

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The Rise of the House Of Israel will shake the nations. What now is small shall be like a mountain falling from the Sky.

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Turkey ... nation NOT likely to join the arab nations in a pact with Israel ... so look what happens to them ... Not all warfare is with bombs.

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We are all on alert when we see "peace deals" that involve Israel.

As I look I see that Israel is making pacts before attacks. They are seeing who is on which side before attacking those arab nations that do NOT make peace.

This has come down to an ultimatum and the nations that have decided they don't want to fight on the side of Iran are making their "pact before attack" now with Israel.

This is doing an end run around the Palestinians who have always assumed they are the only arab partner that mattered but as more "deals" are done with other arab nations, what does that make the Palestinian authority look like?

It will not be long before the dust settles and then ... War.

When they shall say Peace and Safety...

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We have been hearing many warnings about the fall feasts ... be ready!

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I had this dream some time ago, I want to say about 3-4 years ago. In this dream I was coming out of either a state of sleep or a phase in my life. In this I realized that the sun was setting. Part of the landscape was covered in a golden yellow, the other part was darkness. I also noticed that there was a clock that to this very day can remember it showed it was 12 in the afternoon. I then saw that someone picked me up in a vehicle. I got in the back seat, while there was someone in the passenger seat with no driver. I just recently just read Amos 8 and it became clear to me what it meant. I am coming out of a phase in my life that is holding me back, as soon as I am done with it, Amos 8 should be in full swing. Please keep me in prayer that I make it to the destination that Elohim has set for me and that I make it in his timing. Thank you, Shalom.

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