When there are events that fulfill Bible Prophecy, or prophetic warnings that are going to impact Society, we all need to see them.

Please make a habit of checking Prophetic Warnings from time to time for updates.

I know how most people feel. They don't have TIME to sort through all the "news" to figure out where things are . . . like . . . quickly.

This is why we created Remnant Watch.

In just a few seconds you can scan headlines and get the general gist of what is going on without having to read every article. If you DO want to know more . . . you click and read or watch as the case may be.

This is just one of the ways we are trying to serve the Remnant in a world moving so FAST!!!!!


Listen carefully . . . let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the HOUSE.

This weekend upcoming has danger for parts of the world. We have been warned of increasing confrontation.

In these next few days, let us come together in the Holy Spirit in prayer and speak protection and a hedge around the Redeemed in Jerusalem. Let the household of FAITH be found a FOUNTAIN OF FIRE against the works of the wicked one.

Stand as the ARMY OF YHWH on the Earth and declare with courageous voices the protection of Jerusalem. Speak peace to her and let any who would come against her tremble with great fear.

Let them quake with terror of the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL who shall fight on behalf of the household of FAITH in this hour.

Let us know the difference between the corporation of "Israel" and Ysra'el the people and nation called the Royal Priesthood.

Let us stand with our brothers and sisters around the world in this moment as we proclaim . . . We are Echad and you may NOT come against Jerusalem to divide it!

We need to continue to be on watch with great sobriety. I feel very strongly that with the Trump victory, many are falling back to sleep.

Is this why so many are caught by surprise in the end?

Let us remain a house that is AWAKE that we do not lose our garments.

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  • This discussion group will highlight prophetic warnings and events as they are unfolding in the News and World Events.