When there are events that fulfill Bible Prophecy, or prophetic warnings that are going to impact Society, we all need to see them.

Please make a habit of checking Prophetic Warnings from time to time for updates.

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Shabbat Shalom Remnant! Peter released Part 5 of "The Last Days" series today, and he read Matthew 24. In verse 29, there are 4 signs Messiah gives His disciples to denote His coming. The 4 signs are: the sun darkening, the moon not giving light, stars falling from Heaven, and the powers of the heavens being shaken. Peter stated that if you didn't understand these signs, then more than likely YAHUAH has hidden the meaning from you. After reading the Wisdom of Solomon recently, I would very much like to come out of ignorance on all matters. If anyone has any scripture for reference for the 'behind the parable' meaning of these 4 signs, so I can study to shew myself approved, it would greatly help me grow in wisdom.

Thanks and one love family.

An assignment against the President and his wife was frustrated by intercessors. We must continue to pray against the EVIL powers that seek to plunge the world into darkness.

We are UNITED to stand in FAITH for the deliverance of the Remnant from North America. What happens to their institutions and "cities" is of less concern than the saving of souls to us.

Remain focused and cover the Evangelists!!!

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After watching the shabbat broadcast ... this will give you goosebumps.

I know how most people feel. They don't have TIME to sort through all the "news" to figure out where things are . . . like . . . quickly.

This is why we created Remnant Watch.

In just a few seconds you can scan headlines and get the general gist of what is going on without having to read every article. If you DO want to know more . . . you click and read or watch as the case may be.

This is just one of the ways we are trying to serve the Remnant in a world moving so FAST!!!!!


Listen carefully . . . let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the HOUSE.