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According to the KING, we are warned that we will be HATED across the Earth for HIS name’s sake. Even while giving placid lip service to the notion of “God” and a “savior” the world is filled with hatred toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

You have HIS name on you.
You are favored by HIM.
You land on your feet while they fall on their a##.
When they attack you they lose the fight.
Their plots against you fail to achieve their desired result.
They covet your place, standing, blessing, your true riches.
They rely on “spiritual alchemy” and you just pray.
Even when they have the advantage numerically, you prevail.
You defeat them in the darkest cities.
You defeat them in the loneliest field.
Even when they start you as slaves, you prosper and climb until you reign.
You are like the SON . . . who is lowly and humble.

Now you are awakened to the hour and see their wicked plots. We awaken to find our world is run by Lucifer and his minions.

But we’re awake now and they are exposed . . . it wont be long now.
Let their EVIL be made MANIFEST for all the world to see and watch with horror . . . and then we will agree with Heaven for their destruction.

And it shall be IN EARTH . . . AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

Remove them.