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I received confirmation from the Holy Spirit to finally share some similarities Ive discovered. There are prophecies of Christians and Muslims uniting at end times against evil. I've been studying and researching lost tribes & similarities between the cultures & faith of ALL the children of Abraham since 2004. The final remnant will come from all tribes & nations (Rev 7:9) those who believed in Jesus & did not submit to the beast system & antichrist.

Mecca is the valley of Becca in Psalms 84:6 also known as valley of Bochim.. which will be a "WELL" covered with the former rain.

It's going to be a city of protection for all believers while Jerusalem is under siege. Satan will camp around Mecca but will not be able to enter into the city. It will be a city of refuge & gathering place.

The word for "ALL FLOCKS" in Isaiah 60/Gen 25:13 are the flocks being gathered/ Isaiah 42:11. Kedar = Arabia. Psalms 120:5 talks about when they left true worship & became Pagans under Nebuchadnezzar ( Jeremiah 49:28 Jeremiah 49:29 ).. during the Babylonian conquest. ONLY by the Testament of Muhammad through angel Gabriel were they brought back into belief in One God but it was not the fulfillment of the covenant. WE ARE BRINGING THE FULFILLMENT OF THE COVENANT TO THEM THROUGH the cornerstone of the testimony of CHRIST. We are His witnesses to them.

The Holy Spirit revealed that God seperate us out amongst nations into Babylon because the Final Remnant will walk in the fullness of the Messiah and restore the later rain to the children of Abraham. The signs we will carry will bring the Jewish people out of blindness and into accepting the Messiah. We will minister to the nations from a central location & we are the bond that will unite Muslim & Jew in peace and it's all founded upon what Christ accomplished for us. We become Christ's mediator between them in the earth and it's the demonstration of Acts & revival of apostleship that will accomplish it in the earth. The true church willing to go to the ends in love & demonstration rather than indoctrination of the earth to accomplish God's perfect plan & purpose.