My friends...with the recent events in Israel, in seeking His face for the safety of His beloved bride within her, He brings to my remembrance reflections from April 16th in regards to our personal and corporate obedience to His voice: "He begins to whisper ideas into the ear of our minds, waiting for a response with the mouth of our minds. He watches to see if we will demonstrate faith by doing what HE said, or if we will cower to the fears that begin to shout Him down. Will we rationalize disobedience because His voice was inaudible, merely a figment of our imagination? Or will we make the leap of faith and actually BE the hands and feet and mouth piece of our God? His eyes roam to and fro looking for someone who will say, "Here I am, Lord, send me." He doesn't push. He sends. He gives the command. The servant's heart will hear it, even when others don't believe. The servant's heart will listen ONLY to the voice of his Master. The servant becomes a son, and the Father acknowledges with tokens of love and acceptance. What a beautiful picture we have here. RELATIONSHIP. Friends, seek to know Him through OBEDIENCE. He is a good, good Father."

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