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ABBA is so amazing ok back in January coming back fully into house best I can then before I fell into doubt in my 7 day fast I got through the fight enemey was furious at me he tried to harm me ... well throughout time I'm seeking and healing and stuff in my life I start to see how he never abandon me and why I fell into doubt was annoying like really he shown me all this time ... well lately being tested by doubt trying i kept telling it NO or ABBAS GOT ME etc the voice goes away and tried later ... but seems lately I do that I see and hear more Abba ways of letting me know I am protected or letting me know he s around and more and more I fight this voice trying to overcome me I keep stepping on it's head with authority letting it know Abba is wit me he won't leave me etc... I do have more signs poping up as well besides him showing me he s there when I show the faith he has given me ... I want to keep u encourage those struggling wit faith keep fighting tell that voice look into your life see wat has happen for u that shows u abba is there look even around u things that could be harm u but u survive HE is there Don't let the enemy win ... Abba is protecting u so don't give up! He is ur light keep ur eye on him! U will win cuz Abba has won it for us! Hallelujah ????

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