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Shalom, my Spiritual Family! I pray your Sabbath days are all going well & you're all getting your much needed rest.
I would like to throw out a prayer request, for anyone who will honestly pray, for this situation. I found out a couple months ago my husband has a problem. Well, Let's call it what it is, an addiction. To opioids, to be exact. It started when he dislocated his shoulder 2-3 years ago. I knew things had been off with him, but I just assumed it was the stresses of work & life. He doesn't 'handle' stress well. But come to find out, when he was honest with me, he had a really bad problem. He has cut back, a lot. Because he knows it doesn't truly help & because he knows it hurt me that he hid it for so long. But he is truly struggling with the spirits of addiction, depression, suicide, anxiety & fear. He knows The LORD, but doesn't trust him completely.(his childhood was very traumatic, so he doesn't trust easily & I feel he may he holding on to some anger/resentment twords God for allowing the things that happened to him as a child happen) I'm not on the verge of leaving him, what good would that do to our 4 children & him. It's hard for me to feel sympathy, because he has promised so many time he will stop but when it comes down to it he won't. It's not that he can't, I know he can but, he doesn't think he can. So if anyone can add my husband, Chase, to your prays along with all the financial & family issues his addiction has caused. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting a 3 day food fast today, to focus on praying for my husband & his deliverance from this horrible addiction. Thank you again, to all who read this whole thing & God bless everyone who does(& doesn't). I'm hopeful our God, Yeshuah, will show my husband life is, not just worth living, but living free from this kind of spiritual bondage. Thanks again, & Shalom.????????