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I found the life of the King of the Universe by giving up my life. Yahusha said "to him who lays down his life." I've chosen to move away from 4G and 5G availability. I've chosen to live in a self sustainable community, with community property. I have learned that the land can provide all I need, food, shelter, and resources. "Come out of her my people" is the call I heard. We cannot serve two masters, and I have chosen the King of Peace, not the prince of finance. He has provided, I have all I need, with no income at all. What are you willing to give up for total freedom and truth? Yes, I understand now, "oh grave, where is your victory? Oh death where is your sting?" It has cost me everything I had built, and He gave me everthing I wanted. HIS Rest! Blessings to you all!