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Shalom Remnant family, I pray you all are well. I am writing this post to share my heart with you and if your heart is in the same place I just want you to know you are not alone. I am at work fighting to keep back tears because my heart is in so much pain. I am struggling to even put into words how hurt my heart is. Betrayal is a feeling that kicks you in the chest so hard that it leaves your heart aching in a way that is meant to incapacitate and disable you.

This is the work of a judas spirit and it longs to cripple you. It strives to make you feel devalued, unloved, unappreciated, meaningless, and worthless. It desires for you to crawl into a hole and to turn your thoughts and actions against EL ELYON. It strives to bring so much hurt that you feel weak and unable to carry on walking towards the promises that YAHUSHA has spoken to you.

But do not fear beloved brothers and sisters, for our KING has overcome the world and all these things. While the pain is real, we have a hope, and a future, and most importantly an ELOHIM that loves us. An ELOHIM that fights for us. An ELOHIM that sees every one of our tears and an ELOHIM that will not abandon us or forsake us. I am so grateful that even in this pain, I can feel HIS eyes upon me. I can feel HIS steadfast love surround me. I am so grateful that when I am betrayed and afflicted by those who say they love me, I have a wife and a Remnant family who love and support me. Who will pray for me and stand with me.

Be on guard, particularly from family members and those who say they are believers. Remember that even with the pain, our prayer is that even our enemies and those who hurt us the most would not perish but would come to repentance.

If your heart is in pain and you do not feel like you have anyone to talk to, know that we are here. Don't isolate yourself and don't fall victim to the enemies plots and schemes. You are not alone, YAHUSHA has not abandoned you, there is a light in the darkness, and HE who began a good work in you WILL carry it onto completion. We love you Remnant family and we pray that the KING bless you and keep you, that HE would shine HIS face upon you and be gracious to you, that YAHUSHA would lift up HIS countenance upon you and give you peace, Amein.

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