Prayer request (long read)

My soul is greatly grieved and my spirit has been shut up. It started this past Tuesday. Over the past month I have really been digging into the word of Lord non-stop for at least 10hrs a day. I felt the fire and strength growing more inside of me. I would speak in the spirit all through out the day. I was so joyful. Suddenly, while praying in the spirit on Tuesday, my words became muted as if my lips were being held together and my stomach heaved. Immediately I felt that joy and fire leave me. I don't know what happened. It's like Jesus said, I felt that power go out of me. I've been distraught ever sense because something has changed and I don't know why. My desire and fire for the word just left me and that is not what I desire. Something isn't right. When I pray in the spirit, the fluency isn't even the same anymore. It's like my prayer language has been cut down. As hard as I push, my prayers language barely comes out now. The same few words and moans over and over. I've asked the Lord to forgive if I did any wrong. I also missed the Passover because I had the wrong Jewish calendar downloaded on my phone. Could it be because I missed the Passover? I honestly didn't know and when I found out that I missed it, I cried and cried and felt beyond terrible. I got up in a panic throwing things out for the "rehearsal" if you will that contained yeast. I know in Exodus the word says those who do not keep this feast day must be cut off. I honestly didn't know until late Wednesday night. I just don't feel right. Something is wrong. My spirit is not the same.