Good afternoon Remnant of the Most High Elohim. Here recently, I was discussing the Shabbat with a few friends of mine, and the discussion brought about an enthusiasm to encourage them to join me one day to honor Shabbat. However, I took a step back to contemplate on a tricky concept : how do you introduce a Hebrew custom to a world/people who have been built on a pagan foundation (i.e. sunday worship). What is even more complex, how do you introduce it in a way that is invigorating and engaging to the spirit, all while keeping the nature of the Shabbat holy and refraining from doing your own thing (Book of Jubilees is littered with the message of keeping Shabbat, but Jubilees Ch. 50 will suffice for reference).

So I decided to bring this post to "Shepherds Rising" since it seems to be geared towards those operating on a higher calling in Spirit. If anyone has any favorite pastimes or activities honoring Shabbat, or any suggestions/advice on how to familiarize people with the Shabbat, it would be a great blessing unto me.

Many Thanks

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