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Shabbat Shalom Remnant Family ❤️...I pray you all are well, Rachel and I prayed that prayer with you today Brother Peter, faithfulness is an action of application, not simply a thought process and it is not nearly demonstrated enough by the people who call themselves by HIS name in my opinion... Today's message resonated deep within my spirit today for several reasons... First, I don't often use the word hate but I absolutely hate when I feel like I've been unfaithful...I mean I absolutely abhor it, to the point where I may even need an encouraging word just to help me remember that no matter how faithful anyone of us are, the KING HIMSELF is the standard setter, none of us... We strive to meet the standard and there are times we certainly fall short.... Which leads to the next thing... Remembering that HE is the faithful and true one and that HE cleanses is from our unrighteousness... That as Brother Peter stated, the pain of our unfaithfulness is not meant to bury us, but remind us not to do it again.... Being under Covenant with the MOST HIGH is a covenant of marriage... It's why HE gets so jealous for HIS bride... We as humans can appreciate how upsetting it would be if our significant other was flirting with someone else, much less if that person was sleeping with the enemy! Let us all strive to remain faithful and pure, with not even the appearance we are looking around... Great message today Beloved Brother and may we all finish well before HIM ❤️

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