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It’s been a bit since I let y’all know how Dani’s dad is doing.

He got the trach, and even though he’s still on the ventilator, he’s able to be taken off of it for hours at a time.

He’s holding his head up on his own, as well as wiggling his toes and fingers. They’re optimistic about his speech, but won’t know anything until he’s completely free from the ventilator.

He is having issues with blood pressure, but it only seems to go up super high when he’s frustrated. It was at 205/130, or in that range, at one point and the nurses made everyone leave.

But all in all he’s doing, and looking better every day! So thank you for standing with me, and being the house that YHWH’s love built ♥️. Much love and many prayers to all of you 💙🌺💕♥️