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I always have such a hard time trying to explain what I’m saying. It never seems to come out in typed form the way I mean it to. And when I reread it before I post anything, it sounds right to me because I know what I’m trying to say.

Yet it never fails, I always offend someone! I truly try to explain it with scripture and the videos I watch. But I think I need to just step away from posting except for the verses I get and sharing others posts. Even when I get a strong thought or something I feel I need to share, I’m going to have to sit on it and just leave it. It might be steering me well away from where Isupposed to be...

So if I’ve offended anyone I truly and humbly repent and apologize. That was never my intention. I will work on getting the Gospel across without actually causing any issues. Thank you for being here to help me with all my issues and prayer requests. Plus not ever giving up on me, I love you all dearly!!!!!