It’s been a while, but I wanted to update you on my situation. First I want to thank you for all the prayers for my husband and myself. I’ve felt them and was encouraged totally by them.

I sat with the King, because my husbands anger and nastiness just kept getting worse. He refused to leave, but when I begged him to leave and stop hurting me; I could see hurt and fear in him.

That’s when I went silent and still before our Father. I can’t explain what I felt or saw in my husband that night; but it’s horrible and completely shredding him. So I asked, What would you have me do? I’m yours; use me.

There was nothing for a little over a week, then a dream. I only remember chaos and then a woman walking up and saying, Be calm and peaceful for at least 6 months. Then immediately my eyes snapped open.

I prayed that if that was from YHWH it would be confirmed, and left it at that. Days later it was confirmed and I was....led into being the one who left the home. My first thought was I can’t because my children! And I came up with lots of other reasons, but I remembered I gave myself for His use.

So my flesh has been trying to fight me, but I moved 2hrs away so YHWH can have His way with my husband. With me there I’m sure I only got in His way; plus I couldn’t do what I needed for Him. My husband made sure of that.

I’m ok, I’m calm and peaceful. I’m able to pray and intercede without distractions or constantly being interrupted with yelling. Plus; funny enough, He made a way for me to continue to help and be there for my kids whenever they need me...I still even wake my son up for school and daughter up for work!!

I apologize for the long post, I just wanted to let y’all know....I’m doing better than ever; even though my flesh is still mourning. I overcome my flesh and my peace is still intact stronger than it ever was.

My husband isn’t raging, yelling or even angry anymore. He’s even told the kids when they asked why he treated me that way “I don’t know, she didn’t deserve any of it. I just got so mad”. So I know with me gone, they too will have peace; of course I went around the house and prayed as well as anointed it against all evil and the enemy’ Plans against them....♥️

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