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How sad to see so many souls who think they have arrived in the Promised Land when in reality they are illegal immigrants that are living off the blessings of the true citizens of the Kingdom. These precious souls don't want to obey the rules of citizenship of YAH's Kingdom because they think it too hard to obey or unjust in their eyes. They are ingrained in their doctrines of error from their early days of life, habits, rituals, etc. & don't want to acknowledge the LIGHT of GOD's word. No repentance - no change. Selfishness, vanity, & pride are the tools of our enemy. We need the SALT of truth in all our lives to be overcomers - "can do" people. All praise & glory to YAH. All love & respect to my Savior Yeshuah. Mercy & Grace in prayers for all our fellow workers.