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I’m coming today to ask for prayers. I’m not sure what’s going on, and I’m not worried in the slightest! I just know my House is filled with prayer warriors who know how to make things happen ♥️.

I’m asking because even though I’m feeling so much better physically, mentally, and spiritually; about a week or 10 days ago all the lymph nodes in my body (that can be seen and felt) swelled very large within 4hrs.

I wasn’t “sick” I was just extremely fatigued. I slept for pretty much 3-4 days, but I still felt great when I was awake lol. I did message my dr to see if I should make an appointment or wait it out, but she wasn’t in so the dr there looked at the email and pictures of my elbow lymph nodes.

They said get to the ER.... I didn’t think it was an ER situation. But I’m calling my Dr today to see her recommendation. I just wanted my House’s prayers before calling later because I already know what prayers can accomplish. I love y’all dearly and pray for y’all daily ♥️