A few months ago I started the journey to read The Book of Job. I say 'journey' because it very soon becomes an wearying task due to the back and forth finger pointing and bickering between Job and his friends. I believe I made it to chapter 12 before my spirit could not take anymore and had to flip to the latter chapters to read Yahuah's final say on the matter. But between the limited amount I read and flipping through some of the chapters that I skipped, I noticed I could not find a crucial detail from the mouth of Job. Throughout the book, you'll notice Job continually questions Yahuah but never finds it in himself to rebuke satan. (I have not finished the book so if I am wrong on this forgive me) You'll find plenty of opinions on the internet about the book of Job, and the sovereignty of Elohim; many opinions you see could cause one to fear(terror) The Most High instead of fearing(respecting) His sovereignty. I often times wonder how different Job's ordeal would have gone if he had said "By the power of Elohim, satan flee from me!" ?

After all, Job was a man that Yahuah held in very high esteem? Job knew Yahuah was the strong tower and was considered even PERFECT by YAHUAH. But in his time of crisis he could think of nothing more than berate The Most High with accusations of unfairness? Did Job forget Yahuah was the author of all that was good? Yes, Yahuah had given the authority to satan to come against Job, but Job was never stripped of his authority to call for divine help. What if Yahuah's real test was not only to prove to satan that Job would not curse HIM, but to test Job and see if he had the faith to discern that satan is the source of all evil and call upon Yahuah to deliver him from his ordeal?

Peter spoke not too long ago bout people in those days not mixing The Word with faith, so Job could be another example of this.
But This is all speculation and spur of the moment so I could be incorrect haha.

However, as modern day readers/saints, an important lesson can be learned from Job. Understand that Yahuah is forever with you and will never leave nor forsake you. And with any unpleasant situation or evil you face, inspect yourself 1st, repent, rebuke and resist satan and he will flee from you. Now is the time to fortify our faith in our Father, not question the author of creation.

Sorry to write a book to you all haha
Much love and Be blessed Remnant!

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