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Jesus, perhaps was a man, perhaps was God. There is no conflict. He is a divinity who reigns supreme in responses of obedient faith towards the Father. He would not speak without Word. He would not see without Faith. He would not operate without Empowerment and Direction. AT the Command. EVERYTHING at the command and absolutely nothing outside of perfect obedience. One must hear in order to obey. One must see in order to operate in Vision. WORD is never idle, but insists on performance. Insists upon a return of the seed sown. This, obedient heart. Let us take note of an extremely powerful three-year ministry and how we are told of "greater things than these"... and remind ourselves that the Word WILL NOT GO UNFULFILLED. HOW WILL THE END COME IF THIS WORD "greater things" is not fulfilled. No. GREATER is ours to walk in. Let the end come. Let the such-and-such prophecy be fulfilled. And also THIS prophecy of GREATER.

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